Lift Service in Chennai based NEW SANTRO LIFT the name you can safety associate with the most advanced & tursted Lift Service technologies Hi-tech advancement, quality & customer satisfaction are the key tools which have helped us to scale new heights of success, it is one f the most reliable companies, commited to delivering satisfied services & the best in Lift Service in Chennai on time, every time, every where.
We are engaged in the sales, installation modernization and maintenece of Lift Service in Chennai.

Our Lift Service

Geared Machine

  • Speed rages from 0.3m/s to 2m/s
  • Compact mono block machine
  • Low vibration and voice level
  • Efficient electro magnetic brake system
  • High static load capacity
  • High torque and power full driving force
  • Low power loss and low power consumption

MRL(Machine Room Less Lift Service in Chennai)

  • High level accuracy
  • less maintenance cost
  • Greated life time
  • Opening up to terrace floor
  • Civil construction cost saving
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Low vibrations & noise level
  • It cut down noise emission
  • Less maintenance
  • No oil leakage and do not require
  • Lubricant compact size

Home Lift

  • Excellent riding comfort
  • 230V AC power supply
  • Required only single phase
  • Low power consumption
  • Installed with in masonry or self supporting
  • Suitable for indoor and out door use
  • Small pit depth required only 300mm with choice attractive finishes that suit for your home decor Elegance, Economical and Easy Maintenance.



  • Mutilevel parking lots
  • MNCs
  • Malls
  • Shopping complexs
  • Standard Features

  • Speed 0.1 m/s tp 0.3
  • Capacity 3000 kg
  • Doors collapsible imperforated telescopic automatic

GOOD Lift Service

  • Green Tech offers a complete range of goods or freight elevators for different applications involving transportation of goods.
  • The capacity ranges from 100kg to 7000 kg depending up on the requirement.
  • There are also a variety of doors types available such as collapsible gates, automatic doors, double swing doors etc.
  • Option for car elevators is also available to be used in multistore parking


  • These automatic lifts are built specially for usage by hospitals. Stretchers can beaccommodates. Cabin if required can be washed or fumigate there is no jerk in starting or stopping.
  • This range from 13 person to 40 persons with the minimum size being 3*7 the cabin walls can be of MS.Painted powder coated or hairline brush finished stainless steel collasible channel gates or swing door be varied from floor to floor to suit the decor.
  • Automatic doors can also be provided. The side elevation shows only the top floor & bottom the respective height requirements all door heights will be 2000 clear.
  • Door lintel bottom should be at 2150. Plan for manual swing doors/collapsible doors / telescopic doors in different.All size are inside finished dimensions in mm all hoist way walls are 230mmthick brick or 150mm RCC walls entire civil structure for the lift shaft including plaster & painting of lift shaft inside.
  • Easy access with strollers luggage and wheelchairs, Wide opening elevator doors and accurate leveling


  • The world leader yaskawa/frenic drives and their technical assistance help us very much to provide smooth and safe control for our elevators.
  • Down Collective Controller.
  • Full collective controller.
  • Duplex and group controlling facility
  • Closed loop control for high speed elevators smooth and jert frr operation
  • Light music with floor announcing systems


  • Energy Saving.
  • Compact Size.
  • Environment Friendly and Low maintenance.
  • Space effiant.
  • Smooth Operation Speed up to 4 M/s.